Meet The New Wulu Mae

If you have been around for some time you may have noticed some big changes have been made to our brand and we are so excited to share the new and improves Wulu Mae. If you are new here, welcome.

Wulu Mae is led by us, Daniel and Amber, we are a husband and wife team from Southern California. We met while living in Sydney, Australia but both grew up about 45 minutes away from each other. We had to go to the other side of the Earth to meet! During our time in Sydney, we fell in love with the coffee culture that surrounded us.

Us in Sydney, Australia in 2014

Our passion for coffee is not only because it tastes and smells good, but coffee is also community, comfort and there are stories behind every cup. We strive to bring our passion for coffee into every soy candle we hand pour so you, your home, and your loved ones can enjoy the same sort of comfort coffee brings.

For the coffee obsessed- coffee is a love language, it's nostalgic, it's the first thing we think about in the morning. It brings people together over great conversation, inspiration, and creativity. Coffee is more than just a beverage with some caffeine- it is a lifestyle! So at Wulu Mae we thought why not bring all of that to people's homes whenever they want.

We hope you enjoy our soy candles and look forward to sharing all our newness with you!

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