The Pilot: How It All Began

Hi people!

My name is Amber and I created Wulu Mae with my husband, Daniel.

Daniel and I literally started Wulu Mae on a whim. We didn't spend years or even months mulling over a business plan. Everything started in August 2018...that is when we made our first pair of earrings. Basically, I bought a super cute dress that needed some super cute earrings, so we decided to make them. Our first attempt at making earrings was a bit rough, but we started to get the hang of it and created the perfect compliment to my super cute dress.

The dress that started it all

 Pictured above is the dress that started it all and the earrings that sparked Wulu Mae...Oh! and a photo bomb from my cute pup Diego

We continued to make make earrings, and decided we wanted to start a business. From the get-go, we never doubted our idea. Every single piece just fell directly into place. I assure you it wasn't as easy as it seems. I've cried out of frustration more times than I can count and almost every day my husband or I would say "we don't know what we are doing...but we are doing it".

So many talented and kind people have helped us out. People can be SO nice and we could not be more grateful. Honestly, without them we couldn't have started our online store in October 2018.

Daniel and I call our first thoughts and collection of earrings our 'pilot', just like the first episode of a tv series (we love tv!..It’s our love language). We were obsessed with our launch in October and couldn't really believe it was all happening. It was so surreal. We actually sold earrings! People were and still are buying something that WE make with our own two hands. The thought of that baffles me! But it is so cool!

Daniel and I have poured our heart and soul into Wulu Mae. We learned a lot from our 'pilot' and want to make Wulu Mae better and better every season, or episode if you will. So we now give you episode 2: Spring 2019. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Amber (aka Wulu Mae)

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